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It sounds like a fuel pump problem to me.

arkansawer said:
I know this is for broncos, but i wanted yalls opinions as well.

93 F150, 5.0 automatic 4x2. Ok now that we got what it is out of the way. Going down the road, it "hesitates and jumps", when going up a hill it doesnt matter if its to the floor, it wont get over 40. Same thing with going into the wind, it doesnt matter if its to the floor it wont go over 40. On a calm day it still hesitates and stuff, but it will get over 40 as long as its not in the hills. Ford replaced the fan clutch, and was suppose to replace the fuel pressure regulator cause it was a recall. If they did, i dont know. They was also suppose to replace the engine temp. control sensor. The cats have been removed, and the O2 sensor unplugged from the exhaust. When taking off from a stop, It wants to die if u dont give it enough gas. Dad says he hears the valves knocking but i dont hear anything of the sort. Anybody know whats wrong or what we can check next? All suggestions are welcomed. The only other thing i can think of to check is the fuel pump or filter. Ford was suppose to put it on the computer, but they didnt.
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