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Hey guys I think its time we throw a meet and greet together for those who miss the Knoxville and Atlanta area meets. I'm thinking a good half way point for everyone is around Ringgold or Dalton, GA. That way people from all over the 3 corners can come. And if your rig is like mine your not sure if it'll make it no 50+ miles. LOL . So lets throw out some dates and places and we'll meet up and put faces with the names and show off our rigs.

Post up some when, where, and times yall would be good with.

What about 3rd weekend in Feb. Chili's in Dalton? Maybe 3pm Saturday 16th? Chili's is at the 333 exit off I-75 not even a mile off the ramp.

Dalton is 25 miles south of Chattanooga and 80 miles north of Atlanta.

Let me know just throwing ideas up.

Maybe a wheeling trip after food? Families welcome as well as non Fords. I also posted this over on so let's see how them Heeps stand up to the blue oval boys from dixie! No trash talking though as hard as it may be hehe. Just looking for a good time, good food and, good rigs to show off.

If both Jeeps and Broncos come I'll have to drive both....
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