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"Damn the emissions man, this is war"

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I'm in the completion stages of a rebuild on the 351W out of my 84' Bronco. I removed all of the emissions and installed a non EGR Edelbrock manifold. Trouble is the (2) open ports in the back of the heads where the pipe went from the heads to the EGR on the old manifold. I've tried several different pipe plugs and no luck. Does anybody know the thread size of these holes. Or what to plug them with. Like an IDIOT I all ready threw out the old pipe that went into the hole. Thanks
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I don't remember the exact size of the bolts, but I know it's a standard size you could find at a hardware store. Well.. that's where I found them! lol

You could also go to your local ford dealer and order the plugs. They make a plug that's drilled and tapped in the center, but not all the way through so you could still bolt on whatever you want (ie: trans tipstick tube, cable bracket or whatever).
OK found the bag they came in. (Was in my roll-away for the past 10 years!! )
Ford PN 351418-S
The hole in the head is drilled and tapped for a 5/8" N.C. (national coarse) thread.

The hole in the center of the Ford plug is drilled and tapped for a 3/8"-16 thread.
I bought mine at Autozone,same as Fords plugs
Thanks guys, I just found out all the trouble was caused by the extensive amount of crap built up in the threads. After running a tap through they are 5/8" threads.
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