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While I was screwing around in the junk yards today I can across 2 complete d44s I pulled the shafts out of one and a radias arm off of each. I wanted to post this in case anyone close to az is looking for an axle, hurry since Im sure they will be gone before long.

One of them is complete with the exception of lower buckets and 1 radias arm and the other one dosent have axle shafts since I took them but everything else is there. both trucks still have the spring buckets and trac bar brackets on them. I asked the guy how much they wanted for the complete axle and he said $195 which is a pretty good deal around here.

I got my radias arms for 20bucks each and my axle shafts for 35 a side, cheapest Ive found them in az. Im going to play with extending these arms

oh and there located at U-Pull-It on 35thave and broadway.


I have located one in the west side. Off a 79 bronco, frame is complete. The dude wants 300 for whole front end, he said "I will just chop off the whole front and give it to you."

Ok, cool but i dont have 3 bills to spend on it right now. Holidays and everything is sucking my account dry already and its not even december. So, i am going to stall him and see if i cant come up with the moola in january.

It sucks, but not quite as bad as my craptastic TTB. Mine is worn, brakes to front driveshaft. I refuse to spend any more money on the front of the bronco until i get a straight axle
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