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I did a little searching tonight and stumbled across a bunch of service manuals for all the Dana axles. They look pretty legit but I havent had time to read thru them all. I dont think these have been posted before. They are in .pdf format and have plenty of pictures (black and white). Some are definitely not for 56k.

Dana 30 Front and Rear

Dana 44 Front and Rear
----Dana 44 Hub Lock Service Manual
----Dana 44 Trac-Lok and Limited Slip

Dana 44 Live Spindle

Dana 44 IFS

Dana 50 IFS

Dana 60 Front and Rear

Dana 60 Front and Rear Part 2
---Dana 60 Trac-Lok and Limited Slip
---Dana 60/70 Powr-Lok and Limited Slip

Dana 70 Front and Rear

Ring Gear and Pinion Tooth Pattern Interpretation

Dana 60/70/80 Shim Kits

Ford Applications

Manual Hub Lock

Those are most of the main ones. Heres a link to the main site if you need some off the wall info.

Hopefully these will help someone out. Not sure where it should go so Mods please move as you see fit.

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this are pretty good info!!! thanks for share!
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