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this is on my 93 ranger.
the lights when out on the dash one night. i replaced the headlight switch.
replacing the switch kept the lights on for a little,
then a fuse blew. so i replaced the fuse.
the lights went out again, fuse was good, so i tore apart the dash and found 3 of 4 burnt out. replaced 3/4 of the illumination lights in the cluster(listed as ILL on the back of the gauge cluster)

and now still no lights, the terminal on the headlight switch listed as I (im guessing is for illumination) never turns the test light on with the ignition on, and the switch pulled out to turn the headlights on.

:whiteflag :whiteflag
im kinda lost when it comes to knowing what and how to check the electrical systems with a test light. so any help would be greatly appreciated
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