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Been going thru threads and haven't really found anything that gives how to fix the clicking noise by the glovebox when you try your wipers. My wipers went out awhile ago am do thought it was the motor so I replaced it but it's still not working. It clicks by the glovebox can anyone give me a possible detailed/clear explanation or solution. Keep it in simple mans terms the best you can

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Yo Ron,

Diagnosis in 92-96; "...Why a Wiper Control Module May Fail; Electrical overload; The electrical signal to module is interrupted in any way; The signal it puts out is not interpreted properly by the wiper motor Related Components to Check; Appropriate fuses (see Shop or Owner’s Manual for fuse layout); Wiper/Multi-Function Switch (MFS); Appropriate electrical connections to the wiper motor..." Source: by Ford

Go through these tests from 96 Bronco-F-Series Workshop Manual (PARTIAL)

Section 01-16: Wiper and Washer Systems
Symptom Chart — Wiper And Washer Systems
NOTE: Use Rotunda Digital Volt-Ohmmeter 014-00407 or equivalent to perform electrical pinpoint tests.

•Windshield Wipers Inoperative — All Control Switch Positions
•Blown fuse.
•Windshield wiper motor.
•Multi-function switch.
•Bent or damaged windshield wiper motor linkage.
•Wiper control module.
•Open wire or connector.
•GO to Pinpoint Test B.

WIRING DIAGRAM in a 94; same as in FORD Manual;

Windshield Wiper Motor TSB 95-8-2 for 87-94 Bronco & F Series
A revised service windshield wiper motor is now available, if the windshield wiper motor requires replacement.

ACTION: Replace the wiper motor with a revised wiper motor and use a Windshield Wiper Motor Service Kit to complete the installation. Refer to the Application Chart listed in this article for the proper application. Follow the detailed instructions included in the service kit.
Inspect the vehicle to see if the new Wiper Motor (-1750:cool: is already installed. If so, the latest level of wiring is already installed and the Wiper Motor Wiring Kit (-14A411-) is not required.
Install a new Wiper Motor Assembly. Refer to appropriate Service Manual for installation details.
Use the Wiper Motor Wiring Kit (-14A411-) if necessary to complete the installation. The Wiring Kit (-14A411-) consists of:
* One (1) Wiring and Connector Assembly
* Seven (7) 5/16" (8mm) Heat Shrink Tubing - 2" (51mm) long
* One (1) 37/63 (lead/tin) Solder 0.032" (0.80mm) diameter x 12" (305mm) long
* One (1) Adhesive Label
* Instruction Sheets
Not included in the kit is the Wiper Motor (-1750:cool:.

Model Year Vehicle Wiper Motor Wiper Motor Wiring Kit
1987-91 Grand Marquis, Crown Victoria F5AZ-17508-B F4PZ-14A411-B
1987-93 Taurus, Sable F4DZ-17508-B F4PZ-14A411-B
1988-94 Continental F4DZ-17508-B F4PZ-14A411-B
1989-92 Thunderbird, Cougar F4SZ-17508-B F4PZ-14A411-C
1993 Thunderbird, Cougar F4SZ-17508-A F4PZ-14A411-C
1987-93 Mustang F5ZZ-17508-A F4PZ-14A411-C
1993 Mark VIII F4LY-17508-A F4PZ-14A411-B
1991-94 Escort, Tracer F5CZ-17508-A F4PZ-14A411-C
1986-94 Tempo, Topaz F43Z-17508-A F4PZ-14A411-C
1989-92 Probe F52Z-17508-A F4PZ-14A411-B
1987-89 Town Car F5VY-17508-A F4PZ-14A411-B
1987-94 F-150-350, Bronco, F-Super Duty F5HZ-17508-A F4PZ-14A411-C
1988-95 F-Series (Med/Heavy) Built Before 8/1/94 F5HZ-17508-A F4PZ-14A411-C
1980-92 L-Series Built through 11/26/91 F5HZ-17508-C F4PZ-14A411-C
1992-94 L-Series Built from 11/27/91 F5HZ-17508-B F4PZ-14A411-C

If it is a bad WINDSHIELD WIPER CONTROL MODULE; pull one for a yard queen 92-96 Bronco or truck
Some have repaired Module's bad solder joints, etc. Google it.

WCM Location pic in 92-96 (inside passenger kick panel); "...The module I MIS-labelled as "Airbag" is actually the Wiper Control Module (WCM). .."

EDIT - Source: by Steve83

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Yo, Al. :rolleyes: Just FYI: that's not Ryan's photo or caption. :shrug

This diagram has some specific tests, and several worthwhile links in the caption:
yo Steve;
BTW, I retrieved the original unannotated pic from Ryan's former site
5 NOV 2005
Maybe he copied from your SM site?

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ok. I changed the source to you and I believe you about it being your pic.

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This has been driving me nuts on my Bronco for years. I've messed with it here and there but never dedicated enough time. So finally found some time to get to figuring it out. The motor was obviously failing so replaced that. It's better but still have the standard intermittent operation of the wipers and clicking of the Wiper Control Module (WCM).
The Multi-function Switch (MFS) was a pretty obvious culprit as it will trigger the WCM/wipers if you wiggle it a bit. Over the last few years I've managed to accumulate two other MFS's. Both of those other ones installed had the same issue and if you wiggled it you could get the wipers to kind of work. So they seem to have the same issue as my stock MFS.

Picked up a new MFS from NAPA and got it in. Wipers work only slightly better. But the wiggling of the MFS doesn't change anything. So I'm quite confident my NEW MFS is fine and that was part of the problem. Now I turn my attention to the WCM. I've accumulated two others of those as well. Plugged them in and, one didn't change a thing. Still very limited wiper use and sporadic. Other one made the wipers work a bit better but there is still issues with the delayed settings. So I'm assuming all three of the WCM's I have are bad. I'm going to source one that is guaranteed to work but don't have it yet.

So I turn to some basic diagnosing. I'm stuck at step B5 below. I'm not understanding exactly how/what to test. To me I need to disconnect the harness from the WCM and from the MFS. But if I do that and test 993 and 589 as suggested, I'm just testing the MFS, not the "wiring between WCM and MFS". So what am I missing? FYI, both old MFS's test between 13 and 38 ohms respectively. So they are apparently bad.

So going on the assumption that test B5 was a "NO" I move to test B6. But I don't know what "terminals 1 and 4" they are referring to. The diagrams I have for the MFS don't show a terminal 1 or 4 (there is a 2, 3, 5, 9 and a bunch of others). So what am I missing here?
Furthermore, even if I did know what terminal 1 and 4 were and the result was a resistance of less than 1ohm, the next step is to "CHECK for open wire between multi-function switch and wiper control module" That doesn't make any sense. I'm testing the MFS totally separate (on the bench) from the truck wiring. So all I can come up with is I'm just not understanding what it's asking me to test and I SHOULDN'T be testing the MFS on the bench in both steps 5 and 6. But I've read it literally two dozen times and I'm just not getting how/what I'm suppose to test.
All I can come up with is I'm suppose to test terminals 1 and 4 at the WCM harness. But if I'm suppose to "disconnect MFS harness at steering column" what difference does it make with the "switch at Hi in on position"? It's disconnected from the system/wiring harness so that doesn't matter.

Can anyone help clarify this?

  • Disconnect connector from windshield wiper control module and column connector to switch.
  • Measure resistance between Circuits 993 (BR/W) and 589 (O) with multi-function switch at HI.
Is resistance less than 5 ohm?
REPLACE wiper control module.GO to B6.
  • Disconnect multi-function switch harness at steering column.
  • Check continuity between terminals 1 and 4 with switch at HI in on position.
Is resistance less than 1 ohm?
CHECK for open wire between multi-function switch and wiper control module. SERVICE as required.REPLACE multi-function switch.
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