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I’m posting this hoping that it will one day help someone that does a search on death wobble. Although there are many different possible causes of Death Wobble, the following fix cured it for my truck.

Signs and Symptoms: The truck would go into a spastic white-knuckle death wobble every time I veered right on the freeway between 45 and 60 mph. So scary that it felt like the truck was going to wipe out. Every time I had to go right I had to countersteer constantly to keep it from wobbling violently.

Search: Because I only experienced it while veering right, I ruled out wheel balance or irregular wear on the tires. I had a lifted Nissan a while ago that had death wobble travelling straight and it was cured with new tires. This was different.

I checked all the usual linkages. Everything checked out tight except for the Axle Pivot Bushings which were worn and cracked. So I got myself a new pair of polyurethane ones from Energy Suspension:

So I’m in the process of replacing the passenger-side bushing (a PITA, by the way). I can’t get the new bushing in because the hanging axle beam bracket is in the way.

I figure I’d take the axle beam bracket off to fit the ball joint press in to press in the new bushing. I go to take off the bracket and lo and behold, the bolts are a little loose. I got the bracket off and guess what? A piece is cracked off and it’s shattered all over.

I would have never seen this damage if I didn’t think of removing this bracket from the frame:

Looks like it was ready to break here too (note the cracking):

I looked all around for this part but Bronco Graveyard and LMC didn’t have it listed in their respective catalogs. I posted for advice and was directed to the stealership. I got this for $86.00 from the Stealership:

Big mahalo to forum member DomesticDisturbance for the Part Number. I went in with the Part Number and I got a little attitude from the Parts Dept guy who told me that the computer says that the “passenger side” bracket is OBSOLETE and is now a part of the frame. He told me that the “A” at the end of the part number I gave him means it’s the “driver’s side” bracket.


Anyone else who gets flack from a Parts Guy can just show him this picture (note the “A” at the end of the part number….):

After the bracket was replaced and new APB’s, no more death wobble. Now I’m taking it to an alignment shop for alignment next.

Like I said, there are numerous possible causes for death wobble but hopefully someone can read this and check the axle beam bracket for damage.

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