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OK! We're in fourth place at the time of this posting.

We gotta move up, I have voted and so did Samantha (from separate IPs). That should move us up to 3rd, but it hasn't yet.

REGARDLESS, Joe and the other admins put in a lot of work to this site...we need to keep this site at the top of the list at Top 4x4. Because not only is our website the best, so are our Fullsize Broncos.

Remember you can vote once a day everyday. I do not want to encourage cheating [nor does] - but remember there are hompage settings in your browser. :angel VOTE NOW

K5 site has several thousands votes, with all of the active members we have, there is no reason we can't have at least that! Let's go for the top again!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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