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I just got back from my f*ckin awesome weekend over in Indio California, for the Coachella music festival.

My only goal was to see TOOL, I didnt really give a shit about the other bands, or any of the other stuff going on.

I stood in the very front(with one exception)against the railing for 12+hours, without food, and very little water(I didnt plan very good), just to make sure I had the best seat in the house for my favorite band in the world.:rockon :rockon :rockon :rockon

Here's my pimp ass rental. If you ever get a chance to own or rent a Malibu, pass up that oportunity. It was probably just this one, but it is the worst handeling vehicle I have ever been in. It was all over the road, and it made me look like I was driving drunk.

Some photo's from the drivers side:

This looked like a golf cart on steriods. I thought it was pretty cool.

I had never seen one of these wind farms before.

I saw one in Popular Science once, but I didnt realize how big they were:shocked

They told me I couldnt stay in the free parking lots overnight(I shouldnt have believed them), so I got the pleasure of sleeping in a Walmart parking lot.

This pic does the bathroom no justice. It was disgusting, but it's where I got to clean up for the day. It was at the local Jack in the Crack.

This dynamic duo, decided to try and cut in front of everyone on their motorcycle. I dont know what told them driving through loose sand would be a good idea, but it wasnt. I drove by them about 3-4 times, and they still hadnt got it out...

Edit: Didnt mean to post just yet.

Ok, on to Sunday's concert.

I dont mind heights so much, but I dont think I would have done this.

The crowd was just starting to line up for the 1st band.

Youth Group took the stage 1st. They mixed it up between ballads, and up tempo stuff.
They had a pretty good drummer.

They were kinda funny. You could tell they practiced their "rock-n-roll" moves.

Los Amigos Invisibles were up next. There were a ton of mexicans at the concert, and I think they might have been there JUST to see this band. They seemed to have a huge following, and lots of people new all the words to their songs.

I'm only guessing, but I'm thinkin' the lead singer has pulled his share of tail. The chicks were going crazy for him.

The guitarist, was borderline midget, but had a ton of energy. I dont think he stopped moving through the whole set.

The Magic Numbers were up 3rd. They were just a happy-go-lucky type of band. Lots of smiling happy music. I think they might have been related. They had almost zero stage presence. One of the girls, had a ton of solos, and she just stood there with her hands in her pockets. Wasnt too impressed with that.

Matisyahu was next. People that weren't even going to the concert were asking me about this guy on the plane. I had never even heard of him before, but the place erupted during his set.
The only way I can describe it, is Jewish Reggae. If you were to hear this guy on the radio, you would just think Reggae, but then you see him, and it changes things(I guess).

He definitely deserved to be on the main stage. He probably should have played later in the evening though.
He was amazing. He had a monster voice, and REALLY got the crowd going.

Sleater-Kinney was just further proof that all girl rock bands, should just stop. Nothing about them was good.

What was kinda funny, was some of the younger kids thought this was some of the hardest rocking shit ever, and most of them had to get pulled out of the crowd by the time TOOL showed up:thumbup
These chicks were a waste of time, so they only deserved 1 pic.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs were another group, that I would hear popping up in alot of conversations. There was quite a buzz about them. I think I've heard 1 song, so I had an idea on who they were.
They certainly did not disappoint. I dont know what the chick's name is that heads up the band, but she f*ckin owned the whole stage. She was confident in everything she did.

They easily could have headlined one of the other stages, or play second to last on the main stage.
I think the only reason they didnt, was b/c with the tempo that they had going, some people would have really gotten hurt by the time the last band was up.
The crowd was pretty deep by the time they came up.

Massive Attack was next to last. They didnt keep my attention for too long. Their songs were way too damn long, and slow. Like I said, it was kind of a good thing though. They kinda lulled the crowd to sleep. It gave everyone a chance to calm down.

TOOL of course headlined. I wish I had a better camera, but some of my pics are really dark. They had a long setup time, and the crowd got crazy. People were getting pulled out 20 minutes before they started their set. I'm sorry, if I pay $86+ dollars just to see them, I'm not getting pulled out of the crowd b/c I cant take it...Suck it up:twak
Lots of girls got pulled out of the crowd. I dont know what they expected. Of course most of them had the big dramatic "I'm going to faint" episodes. Whatever:wacko ...Go watch Madonna then:goodfinge

The man!

Maynard must have been in a pretty good mood, he talked alot more with the crowd then I've seen in the past. Maybe it was b/c we were in Cali.

I was upset that I didnt get any good pics of Danny Carey going off on the drums. I wasnt at the best angle. Of course he was on point with his signature time changes.

Adam Jones hid over in the shadows(as usual), so it was hard to get any good pics of him.

Justin Chancellor was closest too me, so I got a ton of pics of him. He pretty much doest do a whole lot, so I'm not gonna post very many.

Overall it was a great set. They mixed up stuff off their new CD with their old stuff. Maynard even asked the crowd about how many of them had downloaded the new tracks. I'd say about 90% of the crowd cheered. I dont think it matters though, I'm sure most everyone(including myself) is still gonna go out and buy it.
Of course there are always gonna be songs that I wish they would have played, but from start to finish it was awesome. Ending everything with Aenima was sweet. 40,000 people singing it word for word was something to marvel at.


All those people behind me, wish they had a spot as good as mine:rockon

If TOOL wasnt playing, I would have definitely gone and participated in some of the other activities. There was a ton going on. My only regret was not bumping into F150chick. Maybe she'll shed some light on what else went on. I only moved from my spot against the railing once, and it took me 2 sets to get it back.

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MikE2 said:
Looks like you had a good time.

And theres a pretty big wind farm just east of Livermore CA too, Aliamont.

Since I hadnt seen them b4, seeing all those was kinda mesmerizing, which wasnt the best thing while I was driving. I was paying them too much attention, instead of keeping my eyes on the road.

I'm amused easily.

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redwagon said:
dude looks like you had a water? doesnt the military offer survival training???....j/k...stay safe while your over there....

I survived for the 1st few sets, but after the crowd started to really get going, I had to step away and buy some more.

The good thing was it was priced well. Usually with big festivals, everyone's got their hand in the pot, so everything is rediculously priced.

Water was only $2, and what shocked me was parking was free. There was a camp site, that was right by the actual concert that you could pay for, but the acers and acres of farm land surround it was all free. They said "no overnight parking", but I can tell there were some good parties. I'll know better next time.
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