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Diamond S Mudbog PA

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the spring bog at the Diamond S in Penns Creek, PA
is next weekend 20th and 21st
Here's a link to their website,
they haven't updated recently because of the guys being over in Iraq I think but you can get directions if interested in coming. It's alot of fun
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looks cool once i get rid of my rear open diff i will probably be up
do they have stuff that a stocker could handle?
the one side alot of stock trucks with bigger tires go thru, but the other side most wouldn't even think about trying and seeing that we haven't had much rain it is gonna be thick as chit, we are probably gonna be bringing the 76 crewcab and then we have a think its a 79 shortbed pickup, Bronco needs the motor freshened up so she probably be staying at home and the 78 bronco (grey one) I am working on tearing the motor down again to replace the cam and lifters. so if thats done it will go too but will only sit in the field as I tend to get a little wild and I know I'll brake her only got stock rears that since I owned it for the past year haven't even pulled the front cover to see what anything loks like, but I'm sure as everything else was it will be a nightmare. hope to see some of ya there ;)
so the site is not updated?
when is the next bog then?
They do have the new dates on the site, they just haven't updated any pictures. I sent them a whole ton but I guess they just haven't had time to stick them on. first bog is next weekend the 20th & the 21st
ok, i might be up there
later today I'll post up some pics it was fun, alittle cold though. I was alittle bummed too I didn't get to bring the bronco ran outta time, but I got some great shots of other broncos and our 76 crewcab. I have to have my sis transfer the video I took onto DVD then maybe I can figure out how to get it up on here
what are the dates for the 2008 mudbog
Hey, that's where my wife is from! Well, she grew up on Penns creek. Everybody knows her grandparents too, which is pretty funny.

I'll have to go visit for the 2008 mudbog, although my bronc would probably drown in that! I'll ask her dad if he's heard anything.

If this is the truck I think it is (and Im pretty sure it is :D)... it belongs to a guy around Dauphin, PA. He's on the Rausch Creek board by "54Ford" I believe. I've seen pictures, but never the truck in person.

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I'm not sure exactly where he lives but it is pretty awesome. have always loved that truck
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