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I am the proud third owner of a 1995 Bronco. I am friends with the person who I purchased this from and they stated they bought it lifted with 35 inch Cooper tires. Overall, it is a very clean Bronco and definitely has a law enforcement touch, mostly in the cab with various radio set ups, lots of old accessories and scanners, strobes on the lights, spot for the light on the ceiling etc... but one thing I did find was a sticker on the visor of the Bronco that was from Ford stating that the vehicle came with a suspension increase and larger tires making it at risk for flipping etc. Did Ford ever specifically create a Bronco for law enforcement or was this done by a 3rd party? It is also the first layer of paint; however, it is not a factory color, at least that I can tell.

I also could be very wrong... just curious!

Quick answer: No, there was never a law enforcement package (i.e. Crown Vic "Police Interceptor") for Broncos.

Long answer: If there was a police package, the U.S. Border Patrol would have had them, as they literally bought thousands of vehicles directly from Ford, through the GSA (General Services Administration). I believe ALL federal agencies are required to use GSA for vehicle purchases.

Now when an agency got their new Broncos, they could do anything they wanted to them before they put them into service. The Border Patrol is broken up into 23 different "Sectors", which are mini-kingdoms. The BP headquarters in Washington sets some basic rules on aspects of the vehicles (i.e., must be white with green stripe of XX inches wide, etc.) but the individual sectors can configure them to their own specs (to a degree). For instance, Broncos in Tucson, AZ had roof-mounted light bars, while California Broncos used lights in the grills and a mini-bar mounted on the back of the top. Arizona BP Broncos were XLs with rubber floormats & manual windows, while California Broncos (1992-1996) were XLTs and heavily optioned. The reason for these differences is speculation, but each BP chief did what he wanted within the rules set by headquarters.

Lift kits - As far as I know (& I'm pretty familiar with this), the San Diego sector was the ONLY sector to use a lift kit & oversize tires. They were also the largest sector in the U.S. at that time, so a majority of 1992-1994 BP Broncos were put into service with those 4" Rancho lift kits (pre-1992 BP Broncos in California did NOT have a lift kit). The lifts were done because experience had taught the BP mechanics that the Broncos in the rough Cali mountains held up much better with a few aftermarket parts. Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, etc. - none used lift kits, probably because they just weren't needed in the desert.

BP in San Diego literally used every off-road shop in the area to install the lift kits on the brand new Broncos they received from GSA. The radios, lights, cages, etc., were all done in-house, but they farmed out the lift kit installations.
Waaay more info than you wanted, but maybe it gives you some idea about how yours might have been "upfitted" by the government with the wig-wags, spotlights, etc. IMHO, even though the upgrades weren't factory, they're still part of the history & make a government vehicle pretty special.
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