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96BB, I just helped Tommy R install a 4" RC kit on his 96 Bronco last weekend. Air tools are nice, but not essential. You will need a few large sockets or wrenches up to 1-5/16" (Pitman arm nut), a good drill & quality bits up to 7/16" to drill holes in the crossmember for the axle drop brackets, and perhaps a grinder or air chisel if your radius arm brackets are still riveted to the frame. Two floor jacks make it much easier to handle the front TTB axle, and we used a come-along to align the radius arms into the new drop brackets. Best advice is to get one or two folks to help you out, as that made the work go alot faster. Took two days or about 12 hours. You will need a new alignment and perhaps new camber bushings, which will add $150-$200 to the cost of the lift. JSM84:thumbup
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