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Hello all,
My Bronco is a 1988 with a 5.0 and 5 speed manual transmission. Searched around both on here and other internet sites but couldn't get a definite answer to my question. My bronco stalled out one day and now won't start and me and a friend have pretty much diagnosed it to be the control module on the distributor, however i'm looking too replace the whole distributor as it isn't spinning very freely and doesn't cost much more than the module alone. So does it have a cast iron gear or a steel gear on it if it's stock? I went to 2 auto parts stores and stumped everyone there with this question and searched for about an hour for an answer online. From what i've gathered it will tear up the camshaft gear or vice versa if you get it wrong. From what I know about my vehicles history the camshaft and distributor are both stock. Any one have any help or point me in the right direction?
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