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I just wanted a few suggestions on the priorities of maintenance, and the must-have tools for doing regular maintenance on my truck.

First of, my truck is:

-- 1991 (180k miles)
-- 5.8L MFI (MultiFuelInjection)
-- Full Size
-- 4WD
-- It runs fine, and I just had the trans rebuilt professionally for $2600.00

I was wondering specifically what points of maintenance I should pay special attention to. I know Oil is a priority, but I know each model, style, engine, etc have their main points of trouble, etc..

And the best place to buy the best tools for the jobs.

I have a Chilton's book that covers my truck and all of the info I am asking, but I just wanted some other views as well.

Thanks for any advice or tips.
Welcome here McFly

The number one tip I'll give is that your transmission is the single most expensive component in your vehicle, even more so than a replacement engine.

It can cost close to what you paid for your truck to have replaced or even rebuilt. You should do everything you can to cool and filter it.

That means a remote or in-line filter for it and the biggest trans cooler you can afford. Ford actually recommends and in-line additional filter for your transmission in a technical service bulletin you can view over at Meiske5's excellent site.

Many of us use a simple $30.00 kit that you can install like this;

It just interrupts the return line to the trans and does it's thing beautifully. There's plenty of write ups to show you how, here and at Meisk5's page.

I'd also recommend you use synthetic grease to pack your wheel bearings too. While you are in there, one of the most overlooked and under cared for sets of bearings are the "inner spindle bearings".

If they go dry you could be looking at whole new spindles, as well as new bearings.

There are also "plenty" of U-joints on your truck including four grease points on your rear drive shaft alone. If and when you replace them, get greaseable U-joints with grease nipples on em'.

Lastly you cannot have enough different manuals for your truck. Personally I think Chilton's isn't fit to train your pets on. You can score the far superior Haynes manual for well under $20.00 and you should always be scouting E-Bay for a factory service manual of your particular year too.

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