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I have searched and cannot seem to find a definitive thread that shows what donor vehicles and/or part numbers should be used for common part upgrades to later model Broncos. I'm not even sure if the same parts work on all FSBs. If you'll respond with what you have used or know to be valid for the following items, I'll edit this post to keep up with everything listed.

PartYear FSBDonor Vehicle(s)Part NumbersNotes
Saginaw pump and bracket??1975-1986 EconolineCardone - 20860
BBB - 7310125
Lares - 2237
V-belt setup, bracket must match Bronco engine
??1987-1996 EconolineSame as aboveSerpentine setup*
HydroboostAll1988-1997 F250-450Cardone - 527079Will need dual outlet PS pump, pedals (or modify Bronco rod pivot)
Master Cylinder??F350 (years?)*Required for front caliper upgrade
4-bolt Steering BoxAll1999+ Super Duty
3G Alternator
Front Brake Caliper??1973-1978 Ford full-size car (Thunderbird)F350 Master cylinder upgrade required


*Need more info for Sag bracket A/C compatibility and year model Broncos that use V-belt vs. Serpentine, large bolt vs. small bolt brackets also
*F350 year model compatibility?
Please assist with Bronco year compatibility for ?? entries

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There tends to be a definitive thread for each of those topics. Lumping them together doesn't make much sense, as no one would want to follow along such a meandering tech thread.

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This isn’t intended to be a “how-to” thread. It’s strictly going to be a place to answer a question such as, “What donor vehicles can I get a Saginaw power steering pump and bracket and 4 bolt steering box for my 19xx FSB?” Or, “What is the Cardone, BBB, or Motorcraft part number for a hydroboost unit for my 19xx FSB?”

The tech threads are great, but not all threads specify donor vehicles or part numbers, and even those that do sometimes don’t apply to all Broncos. It’s not a simple search to find a definitive list of donors and part numbers that will work, and this thread is attempting to solve that problem.

I will update the first post with all information shared or found so that folks can simply look there instead of having to scroll through to find what they’re looking for.

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Stop by a local Ford dealer parts department and ask about parts interchange They will look it up in the Interchange Guide data base.
The Ford bean counters deleted the public Interchange Guide and Buyer's Guide a few years ago to save their $ & make it more difficult for us to maintain our Broncos.
As an example, here is Ford Motorcraft's buyers guide info for a ""Motorcraft basic pn":
"12A646 is a relay.EEC power, mostly found under the hood next to the fuel pump relay on EFI vehicles. .
DY-865 [Universal Relay] 2 Bbl.; E1VB-12A646AA,E3AF-12A646B1A,E3UF-12A6461A1,A2A, B1A,,B2A,E3TF-12A646A1A,A2A,B1A,B2A
and from the Buyers Guide:
Part No.: DY-865
Manufacturer: MOTORCRAFT
Total No. of Vehicles: 275
FORD (202) 1983-1994
AEROSTAR (9) 1986-1992, 1992 V6-183ci 3.0L F/I Vin U, 1991 V6-183ci 3.0L F/I Vin U , 1990 V6-183ci 3.0L F/I Vin U

BRONCO (18) 1983-1991
1991 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N
1991 V8-351ci 5.8L F/I Vin H
1990 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N
1990 V8-351ci 5.8L F/I Vin H
1989 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N
1989 V8-351ci 5.8L F/I Vin H
1988 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N
1988 V8-351ci 5.8L F/I Vin H
1987 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N
1987 V8-351ci 5.8L 4 BBL Vin H
1986 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N
1986 V8-351ci 5.8L 4 BBL Vin H
1985 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N
1984 V8-302ci 5.0L 2 BBL Vin F
1984 V8-351ci 5.8L 2 BBL Vin G
1984 V8-351ci 5.8L 4 BBL Vin H
1983 V8-302ci 5.0L 2 BBL Vin F
1983 V8-351ci 5.8L 2 BBL Vin G

Hollander Quality Replacement Parts | Find Used Auto Parts | Online Locator
A yard that uses Hollander Interchange can search other yards and have it shipped including some Canadian yards.
"...For over eighty years, Hollander has been making the best tool for fast, interchangeable part matches. The new Edition Hollander Interchange contains more interchangeable options than ever before.
The Hollander Interchange provides auto recyclers and auto collectors, rebuilders, and others with the easiest and most comprehensive solution for identifying interchangeable auto parts..." See their yard Directory @ Seller Directory | Used Auto Parts | Hollanderparts

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Hydroboost- 87-97 F-Superduty. You need the dual outlet steering pump too. You also need the hydroboost specific pedal set or modify your existing pedals. The HB booster rod pivot hole is in a different location. Some econolines have it too, but may need some persuasion to fit. Same with Chevy astro vans. Diesel 99+ superduty pickups will have it too. Again, not a direct swap.

Saginaws: 75-86 econolines for v-belts. Must come from same engine family I.e. 300-6, SBF, MBF, or BBF. Some BBF and SBF brackets are the same with a different spacer. 87-96 econolines for serpentine belts. Must come from specific engine family again, but the BBF versions are not interchangable with SBF for these.

Steering boxes: 4-bolt upgrades found on some f350 and F-superduty. All 99+ superduty trucks have a 4-bolt box thats a good swap candidate. Factory bronco boxes are the same as F150, F250 for the same year range.

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Aren't there some econolines that you can get a 4 bolt box from?
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