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Drain on Battery

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I switched the battery and my truck started right up, i drove it home, but the next morning when i tried to start it up, nothing. I had no lights which means, my battery, is , again. How do i find out what can be draining my battery? and how do i fix it to not drain my battery?


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i have been searching for about 30 mins... i'll keep looking though
Temporary fix - remove your Negative cable at night when you park the truck or any other time depending on how serious it is.

Get a multimeter and put it in the amps scale or use a 12V bulb and a socket with leads on it. Put it in series with the negative lead and the battery. A current drain will light the bulb or show on your meter. Remove one wire at a time from your start relay making note of which one removes the current drain. You are now down to the main circuit causing the problem. Put it back on and go into the fuse box and remove one fuse at a time until the drain stops.

If removing fuses didn't stop it the problem is most likely a rub thru short someplace in the engine compartment, follow the wire and check places where it touches metal. If removing fuses stoppped it, follow that circuit out. Could be a short or an unnoticed curtesy lamp on like the one in the glove box or the one in the back that lights your cargo area.

Also, problems with the voltage regulator/alternator have also caused this type problem, so in your removal of wires from the start relay, include the charge lead from the alternator.

Hope that gets you going in the right direction.

Good luck,
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thanks alot i will be getting a Multimeter today and trying that out... thanks again
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