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Hello to all hope your Weekend is good, i am looking for some help about my 85 Bronco, the Driver seat reclines forward and back But it won't lock into Place Now it did this couple day's ago also about 6-8 Months ago, i checked the 6-8 inch cable its good both Springs are good the teeth arn't rounded or broken on the gear something is blocking it from Locking in Place the left side handle moves up and down, any help or Suggestions would be Appreciated, the interior is tan color i hate to put a different color seat in it, Thank you for your time and help, this Bronco is Nice its still has Some original Parts on it, i done a bit of work replacing Parts on it..
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Yo 01,
Your 85 looks great!
I'm not too familiar with the 85 seats, but in some 80s Bronco years, driver's seat has a limiting strap so it doesn't hit the wheel. So it may not be able to get onto the catch, or the mechanism that grabs the catch might be seized. Pull the seat; inspect, clean, & lube all the mechanisms.


See if following by Ford in at least 92-96 is applicable to your 85;
Section 01-10: Seats and Tracks
1996 F-150, F-250, F-350, F-Super Duty and Bronco Workshop Manual​
Latch, Front Bucket, Bronco

  1. Remove front seat back cover (64416).
  1. Remove the upper two screws securing front seat back latch (62648) to front seat back frame (61018).
  1. Remove the two lower screws securing front seat back latch to front seat cushion frame and spring (63100).
  1. Remove front seat back latch.


  1. Follow removal procedures in reverse order.
  1. Tighten lower screws on front seat back latch to 23-32 Nm (17-24 lb-ft). Tighten upper screws attaching front seat back frame to front seat back latch to 23-32 Nm (17-24 lb-ft).


ItemPart NumberDescription
161018Front Seat Back Frame
264810Front Seat Back
362648Front Seat Back Latch
ATighten to 23-32 Nm
(17-24 Lb-Ft)
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thank you miesk5 i appreciate the info and help, its kinda Strange the seat reset it self again in the same Position like 6-8 months ago not Sure how it did the same thing twice in a Row🤔 Seems kinda Creepy to me LOL
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