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Drivetrain Question 8.8, Open or TrueTrac with Snow

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Ok, so just like the subject states.

Winters here in Utah can get a ton of snow, the roads where I live can go days and sometimes weeks without getting plowed.

The roads and freeways have a lot of inclines and declines with side to side declines as well. When the roads become frozen, or snowy, the driving is very very bad. A lot of fish tailing cars, trucks, Spinning tires, etc.

I can not do a rear full locker or spool for obvious reasons.
Driving with an open diff is difficult enough.

My question is, Would a Detroit TrueTrac help with this at all?
I can not afford, nor do I need/want an ARB locker in the rear.
So please if you have a good knowledge of TrueTracs or comparable units please advise.

I know as far as off road goes they suck balls, but this question just pertains to on-road icy conditions.

Thank you.

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is yours LS or open now?

if it is open, put a spool in for the summer and take it out in the fall :thumbup

:shrug no?
just so you know BeerBro .. I have a LS (stock) in mine and I have to REALLY TRY to spin the ass around on the snow ... take my kid out to bust through snow piles and do donuts and shit and I have to work the peddle to spin the rear around :shrug .. the front end pushes before the rear breaks loose
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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