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yo E,

Ok, I went backbuttwards in my search for the O-Ring pn;
check w/local Ford dealer parts folks for;
Ford Part Number: -W705409 SEAL - RUBBER
This genuine part is manufactured and warranty covered by Ford
Your Price:

See attached diagram from which I obtained the PN W705409 SEAL - RUBBER
== ==== ==== ==== ====

E4OD solenoid body connector seating by SeattleFSB

all other searching I did; and could be useful and for posterity;
From 96 Bronco-F-Series Workshop Manual (PARTIAL) by dieseldave

Section 07-01A: Transmission, Automatic, E4OD
leakage is found by the solenoid body connector, refer to Main Control Valve Body in the In-Vehicle Service portion of this section. Replace O-ring on the connector snout of the solenoid body assembly.
"...Main Control Valve Body
NOTE: If a transmission has been disassembled to replace worn or damaged parts and the valves in the main control valve body (7A100) stick repeatedly from foreign material, the torque converter (7902) must be removed and cleaned by using a mechanically agitated cleaner, such as Rotunda Torque Converter/Oil Cooler Cleaner 014-00028 or equivalent.
1.Loosen the two transmission heat shield bolts using an 8mm socket. Remove the transmission heat shield (7A434).
2. CAUTION: Do not attempt to pry tab with pry bar or screwdriver. Remove the transmission heat shield from the transmission before attempting to remove the connector.
NOTE: Check electrical connectors for terminal condition, corrosion and contamination. Repair or replace as required.
Remove solenoid body assembly connector by pushing on the center tab and pulling on the wire harness.
.... skipping to;
16.Completely seat solenoid body connector into solenoid body assembly receptacle by pushing on top of connector. Audible click indicates full connection.

Some Solenoid pics showing part of O ring by Stangmata @

Item Part Number Description
1 7902 Converter Assembly
2 87650-S2 Converter Drain Plug
3 7L323 Front Pump Support Seal
4 7A248 Front Pump Seal Assembly
5 7D441 Front Pump Square Cut O.D. Seal
6 N805260-S Bolt and Washer Assembly
7 7G379 Washer
8 7A136 Pump Gasket
9 7A020 Fluid Level Indicator
10 7A228 Fluid Filler Tube Assembly
11 391308-S Filler Tube O-Ring
12 7N463 Short Fluid Inlet Tube Assembly
13 7005 Case
14 7034 Vent Assembly
15 7D273 Fluid Tube Inlet Connector
16 7D174 Converter Drain Back Check Valve Assembly — Rear
17 7086 Extension Housing Gasket
18 7A039 Extension Housing (4x2)
19 7052 Extension Housing Seal
20 7A039 Extension Housing (4x4)
21 7H183 Extension Housing Plug
22 7B498 Manual Control Lever Oil Seal
23 7G391 Solenoid Valve Body Assembly
24 7A191 Transmission Pan Gasket
25 7A194 Transmission Pan (4x2)


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yo E,
I see it better now' First diagram shows the entire Valve Body (23 7G391 Solenoid Valve Body Assembly) without O Ring for connector; 2nd is also by Ford showing connector's O ring.

Let us know how you make-out
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