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E4OD Fun

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Bought a 94 Eddie Bauer today, first FSB though I had a BII many years ago. Plan to keep very close to stock and slowly bring her back to what she was in 1994. Starting with a 5.8 with just over 100k miles, body and chassis in decent shape for the northeast, but (there's always a but...) the trans has some issues.

Slips badly going into 1st and 2nd - both in D and manual shifting. Almost feels more like it's jumping out of gear into neutral. Once moving, things seem OK. Fluid is dark but not black, level was OK, and I have no idea when it was last changed, so it could just be old. PO indicated this happened suddenly, which makes me think it's likely an electronic issue rather than a mechanical one.

I have not scanned for codes yet (forgot my scanner :rolleyes:). Have read about the MLPS being a common failure on these, but not sure if the symptoms quite match. ABS light was on as well, so I'm assuming I've got a speed sensor issue or something I'll have to dig in on. Also have read about issues with the accumulators in the VB.

Any suggestions on what direction to look? I know step 1 is going to be to grab codes, but I won't have it home with me for a bit, waiting on a duplicate title from the seller. Replacing the MLPS is on my short list regardless, as is fresh fluid and filter, maybe some Lubegard or Lucas for good measure.

Thanks for any guidance and recommendations!
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Finally got her home this weekend (PO was waiting on a duplicate title) - feels good!

I picked up an Innova 3145, which was very dusty but actually in-store at the local AutoZone. Also grabbed the extension cable for it from Amazon for $11, which I'd recommend to anyone who has one of these. Makes it much easier to deal with when you aren't tied to the EEC-IV connector under the hood. Current codes are 558 and 332 - both EGR related and there was an EGR valve laying on the back seat when I bought the truck, so I'll have to dig more into that later.

First order of business was to drop the pan and check out the condition of the trans. I forgot what a mess it is to do this without a drain plug - glad I picked up a 4R100 pan to swap with at the same time. Trans filter was laying in the pan when I dropped it, which I took as a good indicator of what was going on. I fished out the old filter seal and popped in a new filter, 4R100 pan and reusable gasket, and refilled with Valvoline MaxLife ATF, which claims to be Dex/Merc compatible, along with nearly everything else under the sun. I remain skeptical and open to suggestions for an appropriate ATF for this old girl.

Took her out for a test drive and.....same symptoms - at first. Reverse engaged fine and always has. Shifting to drive neutraled out almost immediately. BUT - manual shifting to 1st felt good, so I took it down the road. Manual shift to 2nd was OK under light throttle but did slip under harder acceleration and on hills. Once I got into D/OD, things felt fine as well.

I also seem to have an intermittent ABS light. I picked up a VSS for the rear diff and will swap that at some point in the next few days.

Initial thoughts are that I likely have a bad MLPS. I'm going to unplug that and take her out again tonight to see what difference it makes. I do have a new MLPS to install but am not especially looking forward to replacing the connector under the truck. I'll likely pull the passenger seat and trans tunnel cover as I saw in a post on here in order to repin from the interior. Failing that..I don't know. Open to suggestions. Pic of the patient below!

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