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use lithium grease instead of axle grease..its a little cleaner and a lot more water proof from my experience. comes in a spray can. Also instead of wd-40 on the tailgate (which is good to clean any gunk out of the hinge etc) try a silicone spray lubricant that'll stick a little better...or again, hose it out with some 2d-40 and spray in some litium. I use it on all my window tracks and door hinges on all my cars.

From valvoline"

Pyroil White Lithium Grease is a heavy-duty lubricant spray for auto, home, farm, marine and shop. Designed for all metal-to-metal applications, it helps prevent rust and corrosion. It sprays on as a liquid, penetrates tiny crevices, and then sets up as a lubricating grease that stays put.

* Multi-purpose lubricant spray for auto, home, farm, marine and shop
* For all metal-to-metal applications
* Helps prevent rust and corrosion
* Heavy-duty lubricant with penetrating action
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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