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killa e said:
It was suggested I move this to the Tech write up section,so here it is.....

Alright guys, I found the easiest way to fix the damn back window from being all slow and stuck like..!!! all you gots to do is open the tailgate and click the latches to trick the truck into thinkin its closed,then roll the window out makin sure you got someone to hold it as it comes out...then take the rear panel off and use axel grease to lube up the gears.Also make sure to grease up the tracks the rollers run in, also spray some WD40 in the hinge points on the arms...After u do all that,roll the window back in and replace the panel and MAKE sure you click the latches back open using the handle,or you will slam them into the catch pins..not cool...Your done,roll the window up and down a few times to lube the whole gear radius and you will instantly see the diffrence.It should go up and down smoothly. Hope this helps anyone with a rear jaming window.

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You're kidding.................. right?

Have you ever even bothered to look through the various sections on this site?

I mean tailgate problems with a Bronco? Wow? Whudda thunk? :wacko

EDIT: OH! I got it now.... Come on.... Fess up. You're really Miesk5
yanking our chains for April's Fools Day.....


No No.... it's gotta be Joe!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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