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Hi peeps.

I'm glad to have finally stepped in FSB community. I've been coming here for answers and always wanted to join and here I am.

After a long wait I got a bronco again :rockon 95' Eddie Bauer baptized Eddie Green. It will change name when it will change colour.

the body is in good shape, but if I intend to keep it for ever, it needs to be done this summer. (Canadian winter sux bad)

I enjoy having this beast as my everyday car and consider making a fun toy with it. I got all kind of "crazy" ideas to make a one of a kind truck to promote my retail store. I've been implanted since 93' and the broncos that i ounce had, have been a recognizable signature to the branding of the store. and here we are now, ready to raise the flag again.

I know with you guys I will be able take smart decisions. as I lack a bit of guidance when comes to modding.

when I'll know where to post pictures and project details, I will start implementing.

be good :imp
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