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edelbrock electric choke

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I have a 600 cfm edelbrock with electric choke,

what does the red wire connect to on the truck, the original wire burnt out.

Is it just a hot lead off the battery?
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Ignition key 12v souce according to edelbrock.
wired mine to the alternator. THere's a 12v key-on back there somewhere, just use a testlight to find it. :thumbup
mine is wired to the windsheild wipers.
i have mine run to the ignition but i have seen it to the solenoid on the inner fender.
Thats where I have mine at is on the solenoid.
yea like stated above anywhere with key on power....solenoid would seem the easiest to me though.
i have the same carb and mines hooked up to the power wire on the altenator i had it hooked to a sensor wire but it diddent provide enough power to work properly so my mechanic told me to hook it to where it is now and i havent had a problem since he said its where hes always hooked it up since hes built hotrods and all

Ok that sounds good,

I spliced it into the original electric choke wire, and later found the other end burnt off, and no where to go.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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