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EE-gads..I've got probs....

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Welp, low and behold..two days after I bring my baby home..I realize a butt load of more problems.....

turns out the ABS light on my dash meant that the ABS PLUGS WEREN'T EVEN CONNECTED UNDER THE HOOD...apparently, for a good reason. Upon plugging them back in, it shut the light off, however after slammin on the breaks, instead of the fast, rapid fluttering of the petal, it just jolted once, and the pedal depressed almost all the way to the floor, and the light came back on.....any ideas? just a sensor or the ABS brain itself?

other than that....found out the window motor on my passenger side was $#!*, and died completely over the w/end(it was working fine right before I drove away from the dealer), Exhaust leak(no biggie..i was planning on replacing stock anyhow).

ONE more damn temp gauge doesn't work..THAT'S what I'm afraid that a sensor as well?

If anyone could shed light on ANY of the above issues(namely ABS and temp gauge)..

thank you guys EVER so much for all your help!
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Personally I'd bring this truck back to the dealer you bought it from (even though you probably bought it with an AS/IS clause) and tell him you want your money back. Check into if your state has a lemon law, most of the time it is only three days so be quick!
the thing is.......I can get the work done cheap..the rest of the truck is IMMACULATE....which more than shows the truck was taken good care of.....if the abs system needs some work, as well as the temp gauge..I can deal w/ it and shell out the bucks worst case scenario the dealer doesn't help make it right.

But was definitely As Is.......however, I have one of those 3 month warranty dealies that's put out by an outside warranty provider(Eagle Warranty)...does that sound familiar to anyone?

Steve83 said:
Then make the aftermarket warranty pay the dealer to fix the problems - that's what you bought the warranty for! :D
:stupid but be prepared for a fight...those aftermarket warrenty folks are biiiyyaatchs...they'll play any angle they can not to pay!:shrug
First off get a CARFAX report. Find out where the dealer bought it (what auction).

Go (if you can) or call the auction with the VIN and ask to see the condidtion report. If the auction reported that the ABS system had problems and the dealer bought it and then unplugged it as a "fix" and did not disclose it he is screwed. You can force the dealer to pay for the repairs.

BTW, I work for an auction and if you are very cool to the employees and make sure you tell them that you are not in anyway trying to hold them responsible you will get the information you want.

If you want to post the the last six digits of the VIN and I'll see if it ran through one of our auctions. If it did I'll get you all the info we have.
sold at an "auction in pennsylvania" contact info for the auction itself....
Since it is PA, it is not one of ours.

Do you know the City where the auction is? only states details whatsoever :'(
Well act on it as I stated or just fix it. Those are your options.
My temp gauge didnt work and I replaced the sensor in the engine, it was cheap and it didn't fix it. I ended up replacing the gauge in the dash. That was mines problem.
there should be a voltage or resistance reading that you can check at the sensor on the block to see if it is working or determine something else isn't faulty...not sure what it is though..
mda said:
Well act on it as I stated or just fix it. Those are your options.
Common sense.

The auto dealer is no longer picking up the phone/answering messages. F'em. I've found a good ABS pump for $200, and a compressor for 125.
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