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I need so serious help here. It is getting far too technical for my knowledge at this point. I have searched the forums the best I can with key words and have spent hours reading posts, but I have yet to encounter anyone with my same issues.
1989 Bronco, 5.8, A4OD. Purchased in 2016 for $700 as it had some odd transmission issues. I troubleshooted the transmission issues down to a faulty range selection switch. I could not find the OEM switch, so I put a newer style switch and rewired it. I originally rewired it incorrectly, sending ground to the 5V reference on the ECU, burning up that circuit. I rewired switch correctly, replaced ECU, all was good, ran like a issues other than a leaking exhaust manifold. Exhaust manifold to this day has still not been repaired, and yes I do get a code for thermactor system. 6 months later timing chain and water pump have been replaced, preventative. Ran perfectly fine after the timing chain was replaced. About a year later, she would just cut out once warmed up, but would run. Replaced ignition module/cap/rotor/plugs/wires, and no longer had that issue. 6 months after that, and to this day, is how long I have been dealing with this current issue.
-Motor bogs out, intake makes popping noise indicating timing is off
-No power, will not get out of its own way
-Spout connector in, or out, timing jumps all over the place
What has been replaced, in order:
-Distributor was replaced with a remanufactured unit. The reman unit had a hall sensor that was replaced
-Ignition module, 2 times
-MAP sensor
-Brand new distributor, ignition module, cap, rotor, coil
-ECU one last time. Every ECU has been a Cardone reman, and I inspect internals every time before installation.

Currently, newest ECU has been in service for 250 miles before failure. Other times, it has been less. PIP signal has been checked with prior ECU's, and found to be good and clean. Prior ECU had a bad SPOUT signal, and it would run with the SPOUT connector unplugged. I have yet to hook up oscope and troubleshoot this current ECU. I'm expecting the timing to be all over the place again, as that has been the effect multiple times already. Codes that are currently showing are 22 MAP (not necessarily MAP sensor, just that MAP is off..this is due to timing), and 44 for thermactor system (exhaust manifold leak, O2 sensor sensing rich). Before anyone pipes up and says the O2 sensor rich is the issue, please prove that is the situation as she should NOT having timing jump all over the place with the SPOUT connector removed. My understanding is that with the SPOUT disconnected, ECU will not send modified spark signal to ignition module and computer will just use base spark curves. Fuel pressure is good, so lets not go down that rabbit hole.

Last option, which I'd rather not do, as I'm down to my last of 6 vehicles (it's a nightmare here vehicle wise), does anyone know of a Ford guru in the Wilmington NC area? Nobody seems to work on these things anymore, and if they do they tend to be some backwoods mechanic that knows nothing about these. I brought it over to my coworker's house who is smart with building engines and programming newer stuff...he couldn't figure it out after 6 months. I'm tired of getting stuck on the side of the road, and I'm tired of riding a motorcycle in the rain. I need this bitch fixed for good.
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