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So when I first got my bronco I couldn’t figure out how to do an eec test I couldn’t find the actual eec test compartment which puts me in my question does anyone have a red eec 4 plug ill include a picture
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The black connector is for the EEC self test. You're EEC is located behind the drivers side kick panel. You can see the 60 pin connector in the engine compartment where it goes through the firewall, drivers side. If you want to pull the EEC for whatever reason, it comes out through the engine compartment..Much easier to do if you drop the inner fender liner.

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Yo JW,
As Narve advised; the Red 4WABS Self Test Connector in a 95 is near driver's side hood hinge.
Pic in a 95

Source: by s8c2 (the wagon)

EEC IV Test Connector !ocation

EEC IV Diagnostic Data Link Connector located at the driver side of the engine compartment.
Pic by member BroncoJoe19...
Note: in 1985-86 EFI; it is on the passenger side behind a black EGR Vacuum Reservoir.
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