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EFI MAF question

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Alright i have a 92 302 e4od and yes i did search. i am planning on going with a 393. I have a maf set up off of a 93 302 e40d. i have the sensor and the wiring harness. the only thing i lack is the computer. what computer will it take to make it work. And what else am i missing. Also what aftermarket intake is everyone running other than the edelbrock truck intake.

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Lots of real good info in here.
As long as you own a lightning or a Mustang or are going to try to dragrace your Bronco.

Lots of misleading info if you want a low reving high torque truck engine.

For your MAF conversion using a 93 MAF tuck harness any one of the following computers will work with a 393 and E4OD.

HUG2 5.0 Bronco, F-x50 E-x50 MAF / E4OD (see note 1)
VEX1 5.0 Bronco, F-x50 E-x50 MAF / E4OD / F5TF-12A650-HB (see note 1)
WAY1 5.0 Bronco, F-x50 E-x50 MAF / E4OD / F5TF-12A650-JB (see note 1)
BIO0 5.8 Bronco, F-x50 E-x50 MAF / E4OD / F5TF-12A650-BYA (see note 1)
AKC0 5.8 93-95 Lightning MAF / E4OD / F8TF-12A650-NA (see note 1)

Note 1: Can be tuned by a chip into the J3 service port.

If you plan on keeping the RPMs down you may be able to get away with 19lb hr injectors and the stock MAF. (even with a 393) This also depends on what heads intake, etc, etc. A 393 with the factory heads and intake will have no problems functioning to any achivable rpm with 19lb hr injectors.
(this is becoue the heads and intake will choke the engine)

At the same time the exact same short block with diferant heads and intake may need 30lb hr (or greater) injectors.

Injector size is determaned by H.P. you need a basic idea of the engines hp before you decide what injectors you need.

If you need bigger injectors then you need a bigger maf. The cats a$$ of MAFs is the 90mm Lightning unit from Ford racing.

To run either bigger injectors or a differant MAF you will need either a custom chip burned by a company like SCT or a programable chip system like a twEECer.

Somthing else to consider.
The following S.D. computers can also be tuned.
C3P1 5.8 93-95 Lightning SD-Bank / E4OD / F3TF-12A650-AB (see note 1)
C3P2 5.8 93-95 Lightning SD-Bank / E4OD / F3TF-12A650-AC (see note 1)
C3P3 5.8 93-95 Lightning SD-Bank / E4OD / F3TF-12A650-AD (see note 1)
ICY1 5.8 93-95 Lightning SD-Bank / E4OD / F5TF-12A650-XB (see note 1)

Note 1: Can be tuned by a chip into the J3 service port.
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jgaytan said:
If you dont have the stock MAF sensor, stock 19lb injectors, and or stock 302 engine, tunning is a must!!
I disagree with regards to engine size. There is no reason a stock 302 Mass-Air computer with stock MAF and factory 19lb hr injectors cant run a stock 351W.

H.P. determines injector size, not C.I.
Ofcourse once you need bigger injectors, you need a bigger MAF and ofcourse then you need to tune the computer so it can use the new equipment.
blksn955.o said:
1. want to run bigger inj. and dont want to get a tune to change the inj. size in the eec's programming.
I dont think anyone even makes a recaled MAF for a truck. :shrug

Even if they did you still wouldn't want to use one becouse of how load is determaned.

As you said, they lie

derrick36 said:
That doesnt concern me at this point.
Getting it installed and running is the first step.

I forgot this thread was all about you. :notworthy
derrick36 said:
I guess that did sound kinda dickish.

My bad:whiteflag

I just figured you where having a bad morning is all. :toothless

moses Black 89 said:
the more i read the more confused i get.
You arent the only one. :toothless
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