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EFI MAF question

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Alright i have a 92 302 e4od and yes i did search. i am planning on going with a 393. I have a maf set up off of a 93 302 e40d. i have the sensor and the wiring harness. the only thing i lack is the computer. what computer will it take to make it work. And what else am i missing. Also what aftermarket intake is everyone running other than the edelbrock truck intake.

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The VEX1 is what came with a MAF 302/E4OD.

You have the entire wiring harness off the old 302? Injectors, second O2, the whole thing?
Yeah, there are computers for the 351, I don't remember their codes off hand, search for it under MAF conversion and you'll find it from Fireguy50.

You'll have to get a TwEECer for that computer to make up for the bigger meter, and bigger injectors I think.

I wouldn't bother with the A9L, considering that to do it right, you're going to need a TwEECer, and you'd get the same results. The Baum would be the only reason to go that route (not that you couldnt do that with the truck computer)... The Baum is a pretty cool little tool, and you can tweak everything on that E4OD, the main thing I like is the "paddle shifter" function... Makes your cruise control off/coast buttons a gear control, pretty slick.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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