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EFI MAF question

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Alright i have a 92 302 e4od and yes i did search. i am planning on going with a 393. I have a maf set up off of a 93 302 e40d. i have the sensor and the wiring harness. the only thing i lack is the computer. what computer will it take to make it work. And what else am i missing. Also what aftermarket intake is everyone running other than the edelbrock truck intake.

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The easiest way to get mass air into your truck if you want to keep your E4OD would be to use a 1988 - 1993 mustang A9L or A9P computer. They all had mass air with 19lb injectors and 302 engines, and the A9L is the most sought after computer. But you still need something to control your Electronic E4OD transmission so you need something like the Baumann TCS transmission controller that costs $425.00.(

Some people were able to run the mustang computer in parallel with your stock computer, meaning the mustang computer would run the engine and your stock computer would run the transmission but I have never done this so I couldn't tell ya how to do it. The fact of the matter is this can still be done, it just may cost a little more money to do it. Get yourself a hanes wiring manual for the mustang and wire your harness exactly like the mustang wiring diagram. Hope this helps
I forgot to read the fact that you were planning on a 393 and probably bigger injectors and bigger Mass air meter also refered to as an MAF. You will need a bigger MAF and injectors because the bigger engine sucks in more air and thus needs more fuel so you also need a bigger fuel pump. The easiest way would be to get a company to burn a custom chip for you. Even if you use the VEX1 computer or WHATEVER it still cant make up for the larger engine and larger injectors or a different mass air meter other than a stock one. It just wont work if you dont get a custom chip for the computer!!!!! Alot of bad things can happen if you dont do it right!!!

as long as you have the entire truck harness and the WAY1 computer to go along with it, it is just a matter of connecting all the stock sensors up to it. If you dont have the stock MAF sensor, stock 19lb injectors, and or stock 302 engine, tunning is a must!! It can be a costly mistake, if things are not done properly. If you do your homework and reasearch this whole process can be quite fun!!!!

I did this whole process on my 351W 1988 ford bronco and modified my stock wiring harness so I could use the A9L computer along with an 80mm 1996 cobra MAF and 24lb injectors. I also used an "El Chepo" J3 service port chip and tuned it myself using the EEC Editor software from Paul Booth and the F1 Ford EEC Memory Adapter & the BURN1 Flash-n-Burn USB-Based Chip Programmer from Craig Moates ( The link to Paul Booths software is in the software link at Craig Moates' web page and its free!! I just dont know how good support is for the software these days.

If this is over your head, please just pay for a custom chip and do it right. Otherwise ask questions and do it right the first time!
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Yes, I am talking about the complete engine harness
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