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Electric 4WD LOW not working

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HA! I got ya! You guys thought I was gonna ask how to fix it werent you?

I figured since I always post the diagnostic link for the system, that I would post some information on a recent problem I had and how I fixed it.

Problem: 4wheel LOW was not working. I only got the blinking LOW light when I selected it. Sometimes it would work, but rarely, and without warning. The bigger problem would be when I would try to disengage it and it would not work. Then I'm stuck in LOW. 4 HIGH worked fine.


I must have posted this link about 50 times on all the various threads over the past few years where people don't search and ask what's wrong with it and say they wish they had a manual transfer case.

Well, I simply followed the directions, and when I got down to:

"The speed sensor is important because the vehicle must be stopped for a shift into or out of 4L. The shift module won't make the shift if the vehicle is moving. The shift module also won't make a shift to 4L or back unless an automatic transmission is in neutral or the clutch is depressed on a manual transmission.
That got me do I test the speed sensor? Instead of starting another thread, I kept reading...

Check Sensors

A logical next step is to check the three sensors with the ignition on. The transmission sensors (manual or automatic) should be closed with the clutch in, or the automatic shift in neutral. The speed sensor should show 225-275 ohms with the vehicle stopped. Check at the module connection.
Lo and Behold my speed sensor was showing about 5 megaohms. I grabbed one from a junkyard and it measured 283 ohms. Swapped them out and it works beautifully!

Free fix, and it took about 45 minutes to remove the yoke, tail housing, and solder/splice/heat shrink the new sensor in place.

I attached a picture of what the sensor looks like when it's out.

BTW the sensor I got from the junkyard came out of a Bronco 2 I think...or maybe a Ranger. I forget, but I kinda took a gamble. It looked the same, and had the same color wires. Either way, it only had one bracket holding it in place, instead of a Bronco/F series BW1356 that requires the removal of part of the transfer case. It's much easier to get when you're in a junkyard.


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I was kinda hoping you'd finally come to your senses and pulled that electric shift crap out and got yourself the stick version.


I think it takes much less effort to learn the system and fix it than to replace it with a manual.
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