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Electrical Problems

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I am having some issues with my 82 F150. I turn the turn signal on for the left, and both of them come on, I turn the right turn signal on, and it works fine. Also, instead of the actual turn signal indicator coming on in the dash, the e brake light comes on for the right one, and the seatbelt light comes on for the left side. What is going on? I dont like doing electrical, but in the same token, I am not gonna pay someone to do it either. Any help is appreciated.
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sounds like the signal switch in the columb is wore out , turn it on and wiggle it a little to see if anything else happens.

OR try replacing the signal relay / make sure the bulbs are good / all conections are good / all fuses are good/

before thinking you have a major problem PLEASE look for the smaller more common problem. my2
Bad grounds. Check em all.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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