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yo J,
In diagram 96CowlDashPanelDoorWiring below, see
#7 — To Ground (Part of 14301) This is G201 Behind bottom of LH cowl panel (driver's side kick panel)

In diagram 96RHInnerCowlWiringpassside below, see
#8 — To Ground; this is G200 Behind bottom of RH cowl panel
Air Bag Diagnostic Monitor
Electronic Shift Control Module
Instrument Cluster
Programmable Speedometer/Odometer Module (PSOM)
Remote/Keyless Entry Module
Speed Control Servo/Amplifier Assembly

Did you do the tests shown in Steve's site?
esp about... "... If the dash lights on any vehicle don't respond, look for no power or a burned out bulb

If no lights illuminate as you go through the shifts and ground power and bulbs are good, then the module is at fault or the motor has stopped at an intermediate point..."
re-read about the motor tests, etc.

Do what Fords call a Wiggle test on the connectors and harnesses


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