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Engine Management - Lightning Bronco Build

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Have a (stock) 1993 5.8 Bronco

Purchased these parts for GT40 Lightning Build:
  • 4TFE - 351W - roller ready long block - reman


  • 152374

  • GT40 - Lightning Tubular Upper and Lower Intake Manifolds - RF-F3TE-9K461-EA
    • with OE Lightning Fuel Rail - F2TE-9F792-CC


    • 152375
  • GT40 - Lightning Truck Cylinder Heads - F1ZE w/thermactor - w/ 1/2" head bolts
    • 152376
Trans Control: I expect to control the reman E4OD with a Bauman contoller

Gear: I expect to roll on either:
  • 4.10 and 33" x 12.5; or,
  • 4.56 and 35" x 12.5
  • both are roughly equivalent to the stock gear for the given tire size
Need: A9P
Need: EGR valve, EGR tube, and EGR throttle body spacer -



Working now on the MAF conversion harness and looking for a few parts.
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I have one question: Where did you get the GT40 heads? I have a set that the machine shop just found a crack in and need a new pair. Sorry, don't mean to hijack. ?
GT40 heads can be found on any V8 explorer or mountaineer. I've seen at least 10 pair in the JYs
I'll assume this ^^^ is directed at me. Those are the GT40P heads with the modified spark plug angle and no thermactor ports. I need the thermactor ports intact so I can bolt up the factory emissions stuff. Only the GT40 castings that came on Lightnings and Cobras had those. Even the very early Explorers that used the leftover GT40 heads, before Ford started the GT40P production, eliminated the thermactor ports from the casting. The latter "P" heads on '97-up Expos/Mountys/etc. are a different animal entirely. The thermactor ports and/or standard plug orientation are really the only reason to use the older GT40 heads.
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Oh, well shows what i know! Guess I learned something today
I've read your posts, sir. You know uber-tons. ? I've just had to invest a laughable amount of time, in the past, to researching the lineage and usage progression of the GT40 casting. Including tracking down and talking with specific people that could physically show me the casting variations for the entire family side-by-side. So much time..... (brownbag smiley)

Again, sorry for hijacking. :(
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