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engine removal - check list before removing + some ?'s

Ok, I'm ready to yank the detonated 5.0 from my 94 Bronco.

I just want to make sure I am not overlooking anything prior to getting the engine crane hooked up. Here's what been removed/disconnected so far (in no particular order):

1) A/C compressor removed from block and laid over onto driver's side inner fender well (and tied up)

2) power steering bracket w/pump removed from block and is laying down below on frame (out of the way)

3) main engine harness connector on driver's side fender liner is disconnected and draped onto block. Also misc. harness connectors disconnected from A/C, alternator, MAF disconnected, etc.

4) starter removed

5) O2 sensor unpugged from engine harness

6) torque converter bolts (4) unfastened and removed

7) transsmission inspection cover removed

8) single bolt to trans block plate removed

9) heater core heater hoses removed from engine and draped over passenger side fender

10) single ground strap on passenger side firewall removed

11) (2) firewall fuel lines disconnected from engine fuel rail

12) upper & lower radiator hoses removed

13) fan shroud & fan removed

14) air box & all associated parts removed

15) misc. vacuum lines disconnected

16) smog pump hose to vacuum can disconncted and tucked into passenger side inner fender

17) battery cables disconnected

18) trans dip stick tube assembly

19) brake booster vacuum hose disconnected from upper intake


The above check list is what I have done so far.

I still have to remove:

20) smog tube from exhaust to smog hoses on engine

21) disconnect/remove header flange bolts from headers

22) bell housing bolts (removed metal trans. cover from floor pan for better access)

23) motor mount nuts


I will also be placing a jack stand under the transmission to support it, due to removing the engine.

Is there ANYTHING I am forgetting to disconnect or remove prior to pulling the engine from the Bronco? I just want to be 100% sure I've covered everything before attempting to remove the engine.

Thanks fellas!

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Steve83 said:
That sounds pretty thorough, but I didn't see "hood" in that list, and I'd pull the radiator completely out. Not only does it give you a LOT more working room; it also eliminates the possiblity of ramming the engine into it. The condenser can stay, but I'd put a 1/4" or thicker piece of plywood on it.

Hey Steve - thanks for looking over the list and your response.

The original radiator is coming out due to it being a "leaker", so I'll be installing a new one once the rebuilt engine is installed back in the engine bay.

The hood - when the engine was replaced in my prior 87 XLT, the hood was left on and we had plenty of clearance with the engine hoist and guiding it out of the truck (and also back into it). Is the 94 hood clearance less than that of the 87? I'll have to see how it goes once we get the engine lifted off the frame, I'll definitely keep this in mind though.

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Ok- got it. I'll see how things go as we get the engine linked to the hoist. I always try and run a short chain rather than one with excessive slack in it.

thx!! :beer
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