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Enigne tuning-timing

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I just finished putting together my 351w after rebuilding. I would like to check and set the timing. No one (Autozone, NAPA, etc.) around here (SD) rents/loans the timing light so I am forced to buy one. I am looking for advice on which type to buy; NOT brand but whether it is worth having the advance function. And, is there ever a need to measure the vaccum advance or centrifugal advance? Can they even be altered/adjusted (practically) in a 90' Bronco?

Thanks in advance.
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Don't know anything about an advance function in a timing light. Just get an inductive timing light. It just clips on the spark plug wire, way faster than the old style where you had to unhook the plug wire and hook up the liht between the plug and plug wire. The advance on your 90 can't be adjusted. You can measure it by checking your timing with the SPOUT connector unhooked(base timing, this is how you set it) then check it again with the SPOUT plugged back in. You should be able to get a decent timing light for $20 or less.
As stated, get an inductive hookup. If you can handle the cost of a light with the advance function, get it. The fact that you're considering it means you will use it some day.
id say the advance ability is not necessary but w/e...if you go the money get it...
what cam did you put in the motor???
also buy yourself a timing will make things much easier to see
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