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Euro Headlight Upgrade from LMC Truck

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I wanted to upgrade my headlight system on my Bronco, and these from LMC Truck look like a winner:

LMC Truck Catalog Page 58
It is an inexpensive upgrade that is 100% DOT legal - no questionable HID here, not all of us have a 'get out of jail free card' :histerica

It was around $100 for the set, two lights with wiring harness upgrade.

Replacement housings for the headlight that take the standard new Halogen bulbs:

This is the wiring harness upgrade, it uses relays to draw power from the battery so the current load is not routed through the headlight switch. I read in other threads this upgrade alone will improve your light output.

First I removed the headlight bezel

removed ring and replaced the light

replaced the bezel, and repeated on the other side. This is shows the comparison of the lights :thumbup

Next, I routed the new harness and plugged in the driver side

While installing the wiring on the passenger side, I found the rings too small to fit on the post

So, I cut them off and installed a new terminal, and finished the passenger side


This shows the difference, WOW

Old lights are on top, low beam on left - Standing in front of the Bronco between the headlights and looking forward. I don't quite have the camera angle the same but you can see the change


Still need to check the aim but it is quite a dramatic difference!

ps. I searched, the only similar thread was 6 years old and not quite the same
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What brand are your conversion lights? The ones that I ended up with are "Hella" lights, as in Hella bright!
What brand are your conversion lights? The ones that I ended up with are "Hella" lights, as in Hella bright!
whatever LMC resells ... didn't notice a name brand on them
A heads up, the relays that come with the LMC harnesses leave something to be desired. If you don't use your high beams frequently, the relay tends to stick giving you no high beams.

I used the LMC harness untouched for a while, but it got to be a PITA so I bought a set of Bosch relays and relay pigtails, haven't had an issue since.
you know one of the sponsoring vendors sells the same ones, plus for an additional fee he will sell the hid conversion to you for an awesome price, with awesome lighting performance!
Wow nice write up, nice idea and looks great BUT LMC - $44.90 per light plus shipping seems a bit steep but $50.00 shipped for both isn't too bad.................?

Thanks ~ :thumbup
Are these available for the 87-91 models anywhere?
Are these available for the 87-91 models anywhere?
The wiring harness is available from LMC Truck.

Euro/Diamond cut headlights aren't available anywhere, AFAIK.
Updated original post with corrected link, LMC Truck apparently updated/changed the website.

My lights are still going strong, no issues whatsoever :D

Yeah 87-91 gets screwed for headlights :( I want someone to do a mod to get the 92-96 lights to fit...I would even give someone a couple bucks to work something out and show me how lol...

A front clip seems a bit pricy just to have new headlights lmao.
I am pretty sure that link goes to a locked thread and that that particular vendor is no longer selling his products here.

Ryan sells a similar harness.

Also, there is a writeup on here somewhere on how to build that harness yourself.
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