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We have had our heims specially made for us for 5 years now and sales have grown tremendously. We have you guys to thank for making Rod Ends such a big part of our business. So, here is the deal. Because of our success in the Heim business our buying power has gone way up and what we pay has gone down. We are passing the savings along to you with lower prices!

Our 1.25" Rod Ends are now $45, that's 10% less than they were yesterday ;)

Our 1.25" Rod End Sets are now $117.50, also 10% less than yesterday!

These are the same Highly Rated Heat & Cryo Treated Heims we have always made, we just don't buy them by the hundreds anymore, we buy them by the thousands. Next Monday we are receiving 5 full pallets of Rod Ends, that's a hell of a lot of Joints and you gave us the Buying Power to make it happen!

With most companies you would never see this happen but we are not most companies ;)

Rod Ends - RuffStuff Specialties
1 - 20 of 41 Posts