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Made this Thread to keep track of all the things I have done and plan to do. I should of done this at the start.

When I first got the Bronco.

The start of cooling system work:

Looking for a tub that goes from the waterpump to the heater core. anyone know If they are still made? or are they discontinued? Have a feeling I may have to go to some JY's to find one....below is a pick of hte old one that was on mine.

Other option would be to run the heaterhose straight to the waterpump, but that makes me uneasy to run it right by the serp belt. think If I were to make it out of copper I would have any problems with it?

today I began my task of checking everything out on my bronco and started to put on some accessories. First thing I put on was a lund bug shield I ordered several weeks ago.

and while i was flushing the cooling system I put on the side window visors.

Than I began to drain and flush the cooling system and put on one of those flush kits where you connect a garden hose to and ran clean water throught the system till it got from a rust color to a more clear color. Put in some prestone radiator flush and followed hte distructions on the container for it. drained the cooling system again till it was clear water. Went to change the thermostat......right after that i recieved joy.......the steel tub that comes out of the waterpump was rusted throught and as I pulled off the theremostat housing and the ruber tub going from it to the waterpump came along with it to my suprise.

after spraying the areas where the last 2 bolts were with PB blaster today again I decided to give it a try again to remove the 2 last bolts.
the one to the left side came out slowly. the one to the right side decided to snap on me. Fortunely it snaped at the head so I got plenty to grab on the bolt still.

old pump to the left and new one painted Ford blue to the right.

The Broken bolt.

I am gonna soak it again with PB blaster for the next 2 days. reason I say 2 days is per the weather...people It my rain tommorrow. Realy hope it doesnt snap again I realy dont want to open up that timing chain cover.

**Edit - I Think what I'll do is get some Stainless steel bolts also to replace all the pump Bolt's seeing I wont be doin much tomorrow.**

Got out the last bolt. had to heat it like poolguy said and while it was hot sprayed PB blaster on it and wiggled ot back and forth till it started getting loose and come out.
cleaned up the surface on the waterpump area and the thermostat houseing.

mounted the waterpump and thermostat houseing, will put the rest together probably tommorrow. had to go to work so I couldnt finish it up today unfortunely.

Scored a newer steel heater hose tube from hte water pump to the heater core today at a Junk yard, was from a van that had a 351. tube was almost like new. the newer one is to teh bottom and the old one is to the top. Paid $5

Scored a stock rim to use on my spare tire also while i was at the Junk yard. Paid $50

Finished up hooking up the bottom radiator hose, the JY tube and makin sure all the bolts were snug on the waterpump. Need to go back to the JY tommorrow and get a metal heater tube that goes from the core to the top of the lower intake manifold where the ecm temp sensor screws into. Found that tube had started to rot from the inside like the other tube was.

Went to the JY and got the last metal tube I needed to replace from the top of the intake manifold to the heater core. Also scored a hew dash pad for the inside dash for my truck, had No cracks in it. Mine had on small crack right above the radio, and a new washer/resivor. My resivor had rusted gunk in it. Put it al together and is now running again. Still gotta replace the heater core but got all summer to finish that project. Next is to do a sixlitre tuneup.

Grab Handles!

Still need to find a decent set of explore seats from the junkyard....I havent had any luck yet...most I have seen so far are alot worse than my current seats.

Rear View Mirror connector

Dash Pad

Changed the Heater core earlier in the week than repaired the fake wood trim(all the clips on it were broken except the 2 end ones on both sides). Than replaced the dash pad with a cleaner one with no cracks on it.

Repaired the rear view mirror auto dimmer. I got the plastic cover for the wire from a explore.

Than removed the chrome wheel trims.

Found a Nice Bumper today at a local Junkyard. It came off of a F150.
Here are picks of it.

New bumper before install

Installed and all done, I also fliped the tire carrier upside down to lower the tire a little.

I got tired of them slowly moving around so i went to a Junkyard and got 2 floor mat anchors from some exlpores and put them into my bronco on both sides. Looks stock and my mats should slide around at all now :rockon

Had to install a new rad today. what I thoght was a small leak from the rad drain plug turned out to be a hair line crack higher up on the side above the dran. Found it yesterday when my truck started to get hot and steam started coming out of it.


Got the rad from the dealer where I get all my parts from....ran me about $777.
Didnt want to get a cheapo from the local parts stores and needed it asap so couldnt wait to order it online....seeing this is my DD.

Installed front tow hooks today on my Bronco. Still gotta trim up the holes a little more and put on some trim around the edges.

My engie light came on monday morning on my way to work. Everything seamed like it was all working fine no hesitation or stumbling or rought idle. Had the guys at Discount auto parts pull the codes for me with there reader and we got a P0171 - System lean. Wound a leaking Brake booster make this code come up? I know mine is leaking cause I can hear a leak when I step on hte Brake pedal now as well.

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New parts obtained from Advanced Auto parts and the part numbers from them. Parts are for a 1996 F350(also for a F250 and F450) Diesel. This model booster was also optional from 1992 to 1997 on the some F250's F350 and F450.

Parts needed:
Hose from Pump to Hydro unit - 71442 - $22.99
Hose from Hydro unit to Gearbox - 71416 - $20.99
Return hose - 71206 - $11.99
Brake Hydrobooster - 527079 - (total with a core charge) $171.69
Prestone power steering fluid 1 quart - $4.59
Hose clamps for the return hose - 5203v - $4.98
Vacuum cap for old Brakebooster hose line - (I had in my garage already)
Brass T for return Lines - lowes plumbing department - $13.78
Rod, spring and retainer from a used unit from a Junkyard.

Hose from Pump to Hydro unit

Hose from Hydro unit to Gearbox

Brake Hydrobooster return hose

Brass T for return hose's

Brake Hydrobooster

Picked up a used Hydroboost unit cause my vac booster has gone out and needs to be replaced now. Otherwise I would be looking for a F250/350/450 in a pick n pull now still.Took out the Rod, spring and retainer out of the used one and will be putting them in the new unit I had gotten from discount auto parts. Picks below of the used unit and the parts. When removing the 3 parts from the used unit pull the rod out first than you can work out the retainer with a screw driver. (defenetly wear safety glasses if you dont wear them.....should be wearing them on anywork you do)careful thought cause the retainer will fly out of it very fast and will fly a good distance. mine flew about 8ft from me lol.
used Hydro unit

Parts needed (I also took the rubber booty that goes over the end of the shaft for my new one)

New Hydro booster with the rod, spring, retainer and boot installed.

Got it a while back online and finlay installed it. Still have to do some tweaking to it. Yes I have 2 batteries already with the same date code. Just havent installed the other batt yet.

Next is to replace the battery cables, install the new batt terminals and do the 3g alt upgrade. It had started to rain hard as I was also finishing up as well lol

Started the Disc Brake conversion today.
Old Rear Brake line.

Old line compared to the new Superlift Bulletproof KEVLAR® Reinforced Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines (Extended for a 4 inch lift, Yes I will be lifing it soon.)


Pulled the Rear Diff cover and looks like water Had been sitting in it for a little while from one of the previous owners.

Before, with the drums

During the conversion

I am going to be redoing the DS line.....Came out a little to tight for me.

Kit isnt to bad, But personaly I didnt like the instructions to well. They werent that detailed. I still have to connect the Parking brake also, to do that I have to get a 9/16 drill bit still cause the caliper mounts for the parking brake weren't drilled out as they said they should be drilled. Seeing it was a kit I think they should of drilled them out when they sent out the kit. The kit was more of a univeral kit than a specific kit for a Ford 8.8. Also I wasnt that thrilled about the spacers that were used to move the caliper inside the truck. They are in the pic below, there were about 3 spacers.

Doing my Tuff Country Lift install today.
Pre installation Fender to center of Hub:
DS Front: 20 inch
PS Front: 20 inch
DS Rear: 21 inch
PS Rear: 21 inch
Pics were taken Last night

More to come as I go along. I was planing to replace the Front Ujoints and Ball joints, But the Ujoints havent arrived today. They should be in tommorrow morning.

Lift kit:

Ordered 5 Mickey thompson 16x8 rims on sat from 4 wheel parts in tampa FL. Also ordered 285/75/16 Bridgestone duelers AT monday afternoon. Picked up the rims this morning along with a high jack, and had the tire mounted this afternoon. Here's how she sit's now.

Link to all the picks of her now: EB Bronco/Bronco as of 11-9-10/

Used up all the B day money I got for my Bday on the rims....and dont have to make payments for the tires for 6 months cause of the firestone card hehe. But they will be paid off by than.....hopefuly lol

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Made this mount today from scratch.

I hit it with a light coat of paint to prevent rust from starting to form on it.
Tommorrow I will be making a anti-theft piece to put on the highlift along with locking lugs. I might take off the tire swing and repaint the whole thing.....It needs a good cleaning and painting.

Here is a pic of the piece I made to prevent it from being stolen. I am going to be using a locking lug nut, I have a reg lug in there for now just as a test. I gotta still look around for my extra locking lugs.

I have the swing off atm, Just finished painting it and letting it dry til tommorrow before I put the tire and jack back on.

Paint is dry to the touch now and been on it for a few hours. Here is how the jack mounted with that lock setup I was taking about.

The Lug is a gorrilla locking lug and the key fits nicely inside the hole. So the jack wont come off unless the locking lug key is used and no one can walk by and use visegrips or anyother tools on it to remove it unless they realy want to get it off. lol


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Began setting up My OBA today
I had to enlarge the Holes in the AC compressor and enlarge the Thread holes the compressor mounts to.

opened up the compressor and Pluged the oil hole in it.

Waiting for the rest of the items I have for it to arrive also have to figure out how to connect the air lines to the ompressor and the air filter for the compressor.

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Nice build. It's almost like a priority list of what someone should do when they first their Bronco.

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Thanks! LOL wasnt realy ment as a priority list, but can be used as one I guess. Made this thread as to keep track of what and when things were done on it. not sure which will be first next on the list. I have 3 things coming up next. 1-Rear leaf springs that I got for christmas. 2-Power steering gear box. and 3-the OBA system(which I still have a few things coming in for) Guess it mainly depends on the weather this week on what gets done next.

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I finaly installed the New Pro Comp Leaf springs I got for Christmas today. Pics below of the proccess, I'll post a few more later in the week of how she sits now from a distance. Today is was sopose to rain all day, but fortunely for me it hasnt started. Starting to get some dark clouds in now and tommorrow they say rain all day.
Only thing I wasnt certain about during the New leaf install was if I was to use the old angled spacers or not. I went ahead and put them in and found that it picked the Bronco up to high and went back in and removed those stock spacers. Now she sits nice and Level.


A few more pics here: EB Bronco/Rear Leaf spring change out/
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