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Hi gang. Saturday I redid my exhaust. My tail pipe originaly came out behind the rear tire. I moved the universal cat farther front then a thrush turbo muffler, 90 degree bend then out in front of the rear tire.
The problem now is the heat shield attached to the transfer case is too far back and only shields about 1/4 of the cat. Also the heat shield that is attached to the under body for the muffler is way off, meaning not over the muffler.
The way I had to position the muffler, it is alot closer to the under body than the original muffler.

My question is: will 3/16" aluminum plate make a good shield?
I know the factory shields are thin steel but I have two aluminum plates that are 3/16 x 8 x 15" but did not know if aluminum makes for a good heat shield.
Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.
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