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Various parts

I need to get rid of the exhaust on my Bronco and my parts Bronco so I can get the single Ive been wanting going.

Newish dual exhaust from 79 Bronco. Connects to the stock manifolds. The first couple inches of this exhaust was the stock pipe connecting to the manifolds. goes strait out the back, appears to be 2 1/4 $100

Headers for a 351m/400 Not sure of the brand since they came with my parts truck. Brand new but a little rust here and there from sitting. in frame long tubes. $150

duals for full length headers with collector connections. $50

Willing to partial trade for 2 1/2" cat


OK, I have an Edelbrock Performer 351W. $100

Holley dual plane for 302. $50

Trac bar drop bracket for 78-9

Will get pics as I clean up some stuff.
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