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Extended radius arm question

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I just got home w/ a slightly used Superlift 6" w/ the extended radius arms. I don't have any paper work w/ it, and I'm not sure how far back to move the radius are brackets. So how far back? Thanks
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Measuring is the easy way. I think mine are like 14" longer than the stock arms. I do have a few pics at SFO. There is little room to mount the stock brackets due to the front-cab body mount. JSM84

It was easier to mount the radius arm to the axle I-beam, then mark and drill the holes for the bracket attached to the end of the arm. Keep a close check on your CASTER, esp. with dual shocks, since there's no adjustment and the mounting of the brackets will affect that. You want the coil spring straight, or it will hit one or both shocks and your alignment will be off.
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