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extended radius arms

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i've seen alot of setups for these but can't find
info on them. i'm interested in some that get welded to the factory arms(don't want tube style) any info would be greatly appreciated thanks
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find a welder and have them made for you :shrug .. fabricate your own
I have a set on mine that screw onto the stock arms. yes you heard it right screw onto them. They are 2" or thicker solid hardened bar stock with the end drilled and tapped to take the stock end and then they are 13" longer i belive then the end is threaded just like the stock ones so you can use your existing bushings and nuts. You just move the stock brackets back a foot or so. 400 bucks includes shipping. Im going to swap in a 4 link so i wont be needing the arms. Theyflex like mad !

Damn dude! 400 bucks! The Bent&Twisted ones are like $120 plus shipping. You could have gotten some Duff's for a little more than $400.,, and all have complete arms, not extensions.

Also, the rumour is another one of the Bronco Houses (BC Broncos, Wild Horses, etc) will be releasing some extended radius arms to compete with Duff's, at a more reasonable price too. But like I said, that's just a rumour.
oh guess i better do some research on my prices before i go offering my stuff huh. I know they took a buddy of mine a long ass time to make and i knew the ones from JBG are 700 - 800 bucks so i thought 400 was a good deal. maybee i should have a lookie at the bent and twisted ones huh.

Mine were from Bent and Twisted $60 for the pair + shipping.......killer deal for some killer parts.

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yo nameless, what are they listed as on the twisted site, Can't find em.:shrug
think you need to call and ask them about the extenstions
would these work on TTB arms? i don't know why i'm asking, but i think it would be cool to have 6 foot radius arms...
good question andy. anybody know about this.?
why? you don't think that the TTB is already approaching the limits of its usable travel with normal extended arms?:goodfinge
dude, their 60 beans. if it gave you any more flex over stock they'd be worth it.
with extended arms you will get pretty good flex. any more and the tires are going to start getting way off camber. follow? i don't think they'd go too well on stock arms either because the stock arms are weak.
stock arms would be very easy to beef up.
I think they list them on the site as control arms. Its an odd site, not alot of pictures, almost no product descriptions, and seemingly random text.
they dont list them on the site at least when i was looking. ya gotta call.
i might do that.
my only concern is where the extension meets the stock arm being a week point. i would weld it together, not just screw it in, but you think reinforcing the whole thing, stock part, and new extension is a good idea, or overkill?
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