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somebody made this up to wire an electric pump onto a diesel engine in place of the mechanical pump
i need to do this because the cam lob on my engine wore off that drives the pump
this is the diagram they give
the crank wire to the switch goes to itself, so its has a continous contact? once the OP swich has power flowing through it, what stops power from backflowing thourgh the crank wire back to the starter solinoid engaging the starter? or will it just take the easiest path to ground though the relay?
if it doenst back flow what stops me from going off the starter pole directly to the 85 terminal with 1 wire, and another wire thats hot in run, through the op switch also to the 85 terminal eleminating the switch intirely?

i think its being used as a safety switch, but i dont need it, as with the key in run and not running it will not have power to the relay. with the kpump having power in crank i see no problem with the thing building enough fuel pressure to start the thing till OP builds.
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