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Friend has a '92 F-150 short box dual tank that is pumping it's front tank into the rear tank. I had remembered this was a recall (93S68) so called the dealer about getting it taken care of, and they said bring in the truck. Half a day later they called back changing their mind saying the recall was not available on this truck after all and we were out of luck.

Then was thinkin' it's gotta be the fuel tank selector valve assembly, so lets just change it. Much to my surprise I didn't know the 90+ trucks are a little different than I thought. Poked around on Steve83s supermotors and looks like each tank has a check valve on top of the delivery module.

If I understand it correctly, which ever pump is selected is what feeds the fuel filter, and a check valve keeps pressure from backfeeding into the other non selected supply line. However how due the fuel returns get selected?

Next shocker is that if it ends up being the pressure line check valves, (part # - 1L3Z9j274AA) they are 130 bucks for a set of two. Cheeze and crackers! These gold plated magic check valves that add 50 horsepower?

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