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F-350 Booster and master cylinder on 1984 Bronco

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Ok this is just a quick summarry of my brake upgrade.

I have a 1984 Bronco, did one tone SAS, then went to upgrade the rest of the brake system.

1984 - 1986 F-350 master cylider and brake booster are the same.

Bronco/F-150, and f-250 are all different from the F-350.
the f-350 has a dual diaphram booster and a bigger bore and(or) stroke to the cylinder.

Just the 1984 F-350 master cylinder to 1984 bronco booster, is not a direct swap.

The fittings that go to the 1-ton cylinder are different, so iether lines need to be swapped or the appropriate size fitting needs to be swapped.

Also the 1-ton cylinder will not fit on the booster, without wallering out the mounting holes, the 1-ton cylinder has the mounting holes farther apart.

After figuring the correct set-up/configuration for the master cylinder swap, the booster will swap directly in.

Another key point I tried, a cylinder and booster from a 91 f-250 will fit in the 84 bronco, but will not work correctly with the 84 bronco proportioning valve assembly.
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