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F*&[email protected]!* Front Receiver

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So the other day i ordered a front receiver from Hidden Hitch for my 95 EB. I couldnt find one that listed for a bronco, so i ordered the 92-96 F-150 one thinkin it would be the same....well its not. POS is aint even close......sooo I think im just going to cut it apart and weld it in between the frame rails. Just thought that i would give everyone a heads up. :rockon
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Yeah that sucks. They are pretty close but the couple things that are different really screw ya. For some Ford reason they put the sway bar mounts on differently. They point towards eachother instead of like the broncos which face away from eachother. Also the 150's only have one shock so you can access holes on those frames that you can't access on the Bronco (unless you have the one shock option). Lastly the Bronco has a slightly different contour to the bottom of the frame right infront of the shock tower. I can't remember if there is a bracket of some sort or not. Anyway ya live ya learn. Good luck fabbing it to fit.
Do they make front receivers for the Broncos or do u have to fab all of them to fit?
:stupid :shrug
I guess this means you will have it ready for marquette this weekend. :thumbup
maybee you could get a light up ford hitch plug for the front, or one of those propellers :brownbag
I made one for my 86, but it will not work for you.
warn makes one that fits 92-96 f-series and bronco.
The warn mounted on my 96 with no trouble at all. I do not have my sway bars on so i do not know if they would have got in the way or not.
I bought that same receiver and had to add some 1/4 inch plate to the receiver mounts to make the holes line up. It was not that hard and I had all the stuff laying around the house. I think I used a 7x7 inch piece of steel for each side.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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