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Ok 1988 fullsize bronco has a 2 or 3 inch enuf to make 32's looks small this thing has some needs but would make a great baja. the engine is very strong but it smokes out the breather bad. valve seals or rings im leaning to the valve seals. the only straight or unrusted sheetmetal is the front fenders. .. the rear quarters need flairs and a little more rust cut out. the tail gate is rusted at the bottome beyond repair in my opinion the rear glass is good motor is broken doors are rusted at the bottom it has power windows and door lock the hood is sprung. Frame is solid it was treated and the only rust is surface no bulging. top is in good shape. door glass and moters work it has a nice tan rear seat.

oh yea its a 302 injected 4x4 It will currently run and drive. worked for a few weeks after I got it but I beleve I have a short in some wire I can here the motors running in the pasenger side and the harness thur the floor is pulled b/c of the lift (thinking inpact with shurbery)

These are the problems it has but it dose have potential. I would love to do it my self but I already have enuf vehicals in the fleet.

If any one is at all interested or know someone who is please contact me thur a pm on this site. price is apox 900 the parts can be worth 1400 in my opinion. If i recive no offers within two weeks I will most likely part it out my self please dont ask for parts yet I will let you know when I begin to part it out.
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