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1979 Ford Bronco Ranger XLT Trailer Special. 429/C6, Edelbrock 1405 600cc.
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Previous owner swapped in a 429 and deleted the factory AC compressor and I’m trying to decide if it’s worth piecing back together. I appreciate factory options and would like to consider whether it’s worth the trouble. I’m not real confident on my component list... here’s what I’m thinking.

Engine bay: I’m only missing the compressor and compressor mount (see pictures). I’ll need to source something from a 429/460 F series truck, I think.

Under-dash: The heater core cover has been removed, which I have found in a box in the back. I feel like I’m missing something that should be just to the left of the heater core. Thoughts?(See pictures)



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Looks like it is all there except the blend door.
The freeze stat on these like to go out. I would replace that while it’s right there

I did one of these ac restores couple years ago. Get new hoses made under the hood
Remove all the coils and lines. Flush out with acetone Get new filter dryer
Use leak lock on all the fittings. Convert to 134A
An electric fan on the condenser helps a lot at idle
It works fairly well in the bronco. I get the proper air temp out of the vents
The cabin is just too big for it to work like a pickup
To do this right you will need ac tools. Are you in the trade?
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